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Bottlerocket OS

Bottlerocket is an open source operating system specifically designed for running containers. Bottlerocket build system is based on Rust. It's a container host OS and doesn't have additional software's or package managers other than what is needed for running containers hence its very light weight and secure. Container optimized operating systems are ideal when you need to run applications in Kubernetes with minimal setup and do not want to worry about security or updates, or want OS support from cloud provider. Container operating systems does updates transactionally.

Bottlerocket has two containers runtimes running. Control container on by default used for AWS Systems manager and remote API access. Admin container off by default for deep debugging and exploration.

Bottlerocket Launch templates userdata uses the TOML format with Key-value pairs. Remote API access API via SSM agent. You can launch trouble shooting container via user data [] enabled = true.


  • Secure - Opinionated, specialized and highly secured
  • Flexible - Multi cloud and multi orchestrator
  • Transactional - Image based upgraded and rollbacks
  • Isolated - Separate container Runtimes


Bottlerocket can be updated automatically via Kubernetes Operator

shell script kubectl apply -f Bottlerocket_k8s.csv.yaml kubectl get ClusterServiceVersion Bottlerocket_k8s | jq.'status'