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CRM Chatbot

CRM-Chatbot the HubSpot CRM Chatbot is your own Virtual Personal Assistant to help you manage your HubSpot account! CRMChatbot is accessible on Slack, Facebook and AWS Alexa.

AWS-Lex Utterances that start conversations

Create Engagements
  • Create a task
  • Log a call
Contact Info
  • What is the contact information for {person}.
  • Create a contact.
Number of Engagements
  • How many {engagements} did {sales} make {timeframe}.
  • How many {engagements} did {sales} make on {date}.
  • How many {engagements} were made on {date}.
Compare Sales People
  • Compare {engagements} with {salesOne} and {salesTwo} for {timeframe}.
  • Compare sales people.
  • How many deals are in the {stage} stage.
  • How many deals are in the {stage} assigned to {sales}.
  • What is the total value of deals in the {stage}​ stage.
  • How much money is in {stage}​.
  • What is the total value of deals.
  • Show me recent deals.
  • Help

AWS & 3rd-Party Services

  • HubSpot CRM - HubSpot was the CRM of choice to integrate with our bot for its general ease of use and popularity.
  • AWS Lex - This is the service that allowed us to build the conversational piece to our bot. We gave it potential utterances that a person on a sales team would likely say.
  • AWS Lambda - Lambda is where we run our NodeJS code that parses the users request and contacts HubSpot for the information, then decides to give the user the info or request more.
  • AWS IAM - IAM profiles for our Lambda functions so that they only have access to the services they need.
  • CloudWatch Logs - Our Lambda functions all log to CloudWatch so that it was easier for us to debug different pieces of our intents.
  • Amazon Alexa Skill Developer - We used Amazon's Alexa skill builder to build our skill and test it on an Amazone Echo Dot.
  • Amazon Route 53 - Domain was purchased.
  • Amazon S3 - Our Terraform config and this website are stored in S3.
  • Amazon CloudFront - The CDN that fronts our website S3 bucket.
  • Amazon Certificate Manager - CRMChatbot website SSL certificate.
  • Terraform Using - Terraform and writing our infrastructure as code allowed for faster development with Lambda and clean infrastructure management.
  • ESLint - We used ESLint so ensure our code was always linted before each deploy and we were following proper development standards.