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Machine Learning for Job Search API ⚡

AI/ML Job Search for Job Title & Company Name: normalized title, synonym, similar role, occupation, job category, skills 🔥 :+1:

Enter Job Title or Company Name: BA, bos ch, sinior, fulstack, sr, dev op

1. Improving JobBoard User Experience using Machine Learning

  • [x] [What] JobBoard invest in Traffic Acquisition: find Customers the best possible Candidates.
  • [x] [Why] Improving Job Discoverability & Relevance on JobBoard can improve the ROI, increase Application Rate (~20%) & increase in highly Qualified Applicants (~40%)

2. Machine-Learning Search for Job Title & Company Name

How does Cloud Talent Solution work?

2.1. [Problem] JobSeekers and Employers speak a different language

Jobseekers & Employers speak different language

2.2. Deep Neuron Network Overview

Deep Neuron Network

2.3. Job Title Data-Model; e.g. Occupation Ontology

Job Title Data-Model

2.4. (Simplified) Skills Data-Model

Skills Data-Model

2.5. Talent Solution

Talent Solution

3. Next Steps:

  • [x] Commute Search AirBnB-like JobBoard
  • [x] Profile Search iOS & Android Job4U-Mobile >> Tinder-like Mobile-App