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Fintech / Startup Blueprint on the AWS Cloud

🐬 This Blueprint is designed for Fintech / Startup looking for a turnkey cloud environment following AWS best practices on day 1 ✅🚀.

The Blueprint's core landing zone builds out a secure home for your future cloud computing needs in under 15 minutes. That includes identity management and access control, encryption, VPN, network isolation, logging, alarms, DNS, and built-in compliance auditing.

Optionally, we have also included a number of the industry's leading informatics and computational tools from commercial and opensource communties. These tools are made available through the AWS Service Catalog after deploying the core landing zone.


Deploying for a new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with default parameters builds the following environment in the AWS Cloud:

Blueprint Diagram

Blueprint Diagram

Deployment and Usage Guide

🐬 For architectural details, step-by-step install and usage instructions, and customization options, please visit the AWS Startup Blueprint >> deployment guide 🚀

Launch the Blueprint using CDK

cd stacks/startup-blueprint