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Talent Job Search and AirBnB like Listings

3.1. JobBoard Features JobBoard

1. [Job Search] Machine-Learning Search (Job Title or Company Name)
  • Machine-Learning Search JobBoard
  • Automatic Spelling Correction: job titles, industry jargon, or acronyms
  • Consideration of appropriate levels of Seniority; e.g. CTO
  • Company Jargon Recognition: jargon, slang, and shorthand; e.g. biz dev
  • Recognize Industry Abbreviations: detects Acronyms; e.g. HR
2. [Job Search] Location Search (km) & Commute Search (mins)
  • Understand Real World Locations: street addresses, neighborhoods, cities, zipcodes, states
  • Location-based Search km
  • Commute Search minutes: returned Jobs within a specified Travel Time from a Start Point
3. [Email Alerts] SearchJobsForAlert to Passive JobSeekers
  • Passive JobSeekers are not necessarily actively looking for a Job, but might be inclined to apply for one if the right circumstances arise that might be interested in.
  • Use date posted filter when calling SearchJobsForAlert to restrict the set of Jobs being searched to those posted since the last Alert was generated.
4. [Listings - Filters Search] Data-Driven ElasticSearch Experiences (AirBnB-like UX/UI)
5. [Listings - Map Search] Geolocation & Maps ElasticSearch UI (AirBnB-like UX/UI)
6. Data Crawler & Analytics

3.2. Architecture & Technology

  • []
  • React Static-Site on AWS S3, CloudFront, Route 53
  • AWS ElasticSearch
  • Node.js on Google App Engine
  • MongoDB Atlas

2. [UX/UI] AirBnB-like Listings